Have You Noticed That Dogs Keep Dying In Owen Wilson Movies?

Wonder’s fictional pooch is the latest to fall victim.

Owen Wilson. The Doggie destroyer.

Owen Wilson is not a man you want to trust around your dog.

Well, not in the cinematic world at least. In real life, he’s probably perfectly fine to get close to your pooch, but get them both up on the big screen and something grim could play out.

That’s the conclusion being drawn following the release of Wilson’s latest movie, Wonder, which tells the story of a boy born with facial differences and his experience attending a mainstream school for the first time.

It’s a heartwarming and enjoyable tale, punctuated by – SPOILER ALERT – another doggy death midway through the film.

This time the canine victim goes by the name of Daisy. It’s a death that comes out of the blue and doesn’t add a massive amount to the plot, other than continuing an alarming personal trend for Wilson.

Prior to this, Wilson could only watch on as another fictional dog, Marley – SPOILER ALERT – from the film Marley and Me, passed away.

Is Wilson now taking films on the proviso that they include a scene in which a dog dies and he’s able to mourn their passing? Apparently not.

In fact, Wilson is only too aware of his status as cinema’s dog killer in chief, revealing as much in an interview with Uproxx.

More importantly, he’s keen to point out that there has been another doggy death on his watch that we may have otherwise forgotten about.

“In The Royal Tenenbaums, the dog dies also,” he said. “Although actually, in that one, it’s not my dog. In fact, I run over the dog!”

“Buckley [The Royal Tenenbaum’s dog], Marley, and Daisy. You know, it’s getting where if a dog sees me cast in a movie, he starts to get nervous.”

Wilson has just completed work on his next film, the comedy Father Figures. There’s no word yet on whether another dog falls victim to his curse. Let’s not rule it out at this stage.

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