Why Chrissy Teigen Wants People To Stop Sending Her Baby Photos

But it’s for a very specific, and rather strange, reason.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen The model and social media sensation. Image Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen would like everyone to stop sending her baby pictures on social media but it’s not for the reason most might assume.

The model is kind of a big deal on Twitter, where she regularly tweets on everything from politics to even a big of sport every now and then.

One thing Teigen is not so keen on, however, is pictures of babies.

There, of course, will be those out there that probably sympathise with their plight, unhappy at the number of baby photos clogging up social feeds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

But Teigen has a reason to be unhappier than most, because it’s not just the fact that people are sending her baby photos that is beginning to bug the Lip Sync Battle host, it’s more to do with the fact they are pictures of babies that look like her husband, John Legend. Or at least claim to.

At first funny, the new phenomenon of finding young infants that closely resemble the “All of Me” singer has proven something of a hit with Twitter users.

Teigen has stopped seeing the funny side of it all now though, following weeks and weeks of nothing but incessant images of Mini-John Legends morning, noon and night.

Will her pleas be answer? Possibly not, but at least she has made her stance on the topic plain for all to see.

She should probably have some patience though; after all they are “just ordinary people…”

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