Carrie Fisher: ‘Don’t go through the crew like wildfire‘

The best press conference one-liners from the Star Wars actress.

Leia your hands on me. Fisher's witty one-liners are the hit of the Star Wars publicity trail. Image Picture by Getty Images

Press conferences can be awkward assemblies and more than a bit stiff. Journalists scramble to get a question in, knowing that even if it results in a world exclusive, the rest of the room will also have scooped it up.

Cast-members sit awkwardly, looking like they would like to be anywhere else in the world, and eyes roll as some superfan manages to get in and ask the cast to sign his childhood doll collection. (Yes, Dutch journalist who asked Harrison Ford to sign his Han Solo, we’re looking at you.) So it was that Carrie Fisher provided some brilliant light relief at the London press conference for Star Wars with a constant stream of hilarity.

We’re disappointed Princess Leia didn’t bring her trusty French bulldog Gary Fisher along for the morning, but she gets a free pass for her hilarity.

Here’s the best of Fisher’s wisdom.

On advising the new members of the cast

“My advice? Don’t go through the crew like wildfire”

On what the wrap party for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was like

“Who remembers that?”

On working under the direction JJ Abrams as opposed to George Lucas

“He (Abrams) was great really. George Lucas was wonderful but he never spoke. JJ remembers everyone’s name. He has a lot of energy and we didn’t have any energy in the first movie.”

Best friends
Best friends The world according to Carrie and Gary. Image Picture by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

On the strangest place she has seen her face on Star Wars memorabilia 

“On a shampoo bottle, because you can take off your head and get liquid out of your neck.”

 On drugs

“There’s a marijuana strain called Princess Leia, so I hear…”

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