Why Bono’s plan to fight Isis with Chris Rock isn’t a total joke

Even Andy McNab says it’s time to make Isis look uncool.

Bono testifies to the US Senate

The last time Bono said something that didn’t have everyone failing about laughing was probably around Achtung Baby.

So Bono’s plan to fight Isis with comedians has been the biggest open goal on Twitter since, ooh, John Whittingdale and the sex worker.

Images of Frank Carson, Bernard Manning, Harry Hill and a million other cheesy comedians going “There’s these three Isis lads…” have been flying around social media quicker than a Messi wonder goal.

“Even Andy McNab thinks it’s time to fight Isis by making them look uncool, not with weapons”

Now, we’re aware that sticking up for Bono is about as fashionable as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ben Elton. But what Bongo is suggesting isn’t entirely ridiculous.

(And anyway, has anyone explained exactly why Bonio was invited to address the US Senate about Middle East peace problems in the first place?)

Andy McNab thinks only ad men can beat Isis
Stop and think Like Bono, Andy McNab feels Isis need to be defeated on the intellectual battlefield.

The reason Bonzo might be on the right track at fighting Isis with comedy? Because, according to Bravo Two Zero veteran Andy McNab, it’s time to make Isis look uncool.

According to McNab, the West could defeat Isis’ current main men fairly easily. But all that would do to Isis sympathisers is to make them martyrs. You’d only be defeating the men, not the ideology.

“Like it or not, to a lot of disaffected British teenagers, Isis looks glamorous to teenagers who don’t see much of a future ahead of them,” McNab told Loaded. “Training videos show Isis soldiers hanging out eating pizza, like some cool gang. How do you overcome that? Simple – you need to take Isis on at their own game and make them look uncool.”

“We need to make Isis look as unhip as shit trainers”

And that, from one of the world’s most famous ex-military experts, is barely any different than Bono’s view.

According to McNab: “We need to mobilise the brains of marketing executives. It’s the same methodology that can persuade people into thinking Adidas trainers are cooler than Nike, or vice-versa.

We’ll rush to buy the new iPhone when our current one works perfectly fine. Get the guys who persuade us to buy into all of that, and ask them to come up with ways of selling to teenagers the idea Isis is as uncool as shit trainers.”

Bono is a running joke and, let’s face it, he’s a weedy little scrote with gammy eyes who your dad could probably batter. But do you want to tell Andy McNab he’s talking out of his arse….?

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