Why 10% Of Couples Don’t Share A Bed

How many people sleep in the bath?!

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A new study has revealed that 10% of British couples don’t share a bed.

Sofa company Distinctive Chesterfields surveyed 2,000 people, who said that the biggest factor in them not sleeping with their partner is down to snoring and rows.

Going by region, Yorkshire is the county that has the highest rate of separate sleepers, with 14% admitting they leap into different beds every night. Close behind are the Welsh – 13% like to have a bed to themselves every night.

The most common place to sleep after a row, naturally, is the spare room, but you might be surprised to learn that 32.1% say they banish themselves to the sofa and 7.5% go for a snooze in the bath. The car is another highly-uncomfortable option.

Couples sleeping apart survey

Most arguments stem from tidiness, housework, money, driving and family, although there’s a gender divide in the kind of issue that winds people up.

Men reportedly like to take issue with their partner’s driving, housework or what to watch on TV, while women were more concerned about how often their partner goes out and finances.

Why couples don't share a bed

“As our data shows, arguments can have a real effect on the state of our marital beds, and it’s shocking to see that one in ten couples are sleeping alone,” Distinctive Chesterfields director Steve Laidlaw is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

“When we think of our beds, we imagine a safe place to relax at the end of a hard day. Couples should always try to resolve disagreements before going to bed.

“If you do, you’ll find you can get a much better night’s sleep.”

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