Who killed JFK? Oliver Stone says he has the answer

Time to put on your tinfoil hat.

Who killed JFK?
Who killed JFK?

Who killed JFK?

It’s the question that’s bugged tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists for decades.

One man at the heart of the conversation for the last 25 years is filmmaker Oliver Stone. His 1991 Kevin Costner film JFK revolved around District Attorney Jim Garrison bringing charges in the 1963 murder of the president.

Now, in a new book about Stone from Matt Zoller Seitz, the director has claimed that John F Kennedy’s death was an inside job committed by a former secret service agent.

Stone said that a man known only as ‘Ron’ contacting him discretely before the two met in a hotel in Rochester, New York.

‘Ron’, a former member of JFK’s security team who was dying from cancer, revealed his theory to Stone. He described it as ‘plausible’ and ‘very authentic’ after initially feeling sceptical about it.

Watch the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination:

“He said he didn’t want money or recognition. He said something like: ‘I want you to know this is from my conscience,'” the Daily Mail quotes him as saying.

“The scenario he laid out was very practical. It’s the way I would do it, if [I] were going to do something like that.

“You kill the President, and your cover is security…”

“You kill the President, and your cover is security, and if the sniper or snipers who kill the President are hidden in with the guys who are supposed to protect him, guys who have no knowledge of this plot… It makes a lot of sense.

“And his memory of it was so technical, filled with military jargon, details about radio communications right after the shots.”

Kennedy was shot while travelling in an open limousine through Dallas in November 1963.

The Warren Commission, a government report into JFK’s death, concluded that the killing had been carried out by former US marine Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Oswald was later killed two days after the assassination by club owner Jack Ruby.

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