Who Is Carnage? All You Need To Know About The Venom Movie Villain

Find out more about the villain lining up alongside Tom Hardy in Sony’s Venom movie.

Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage.
Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage. Venom's new foe Image Marvel

Tom Hardy will go up against Carnage in the hotly-anticipated Venom movie that will serve as a spin-off to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Carnage’s involvement in the Venom movie was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter as part of a report that also revealed Spider-Man’s involvement in the film would amount to a cameo, at best.

So what can fans expect from Carnage and who the hell is Carnage anyway? Here’s everything loaded knows so far about the character and plans for the Venom movie.

Who Is Carnage?

Carnage is an alien Symbiote not dissimilar to Venom. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #360 after bonding with a man named Cletus Kasady and essentially represented a more extreme, sadistic, version of Venom.

How Is Carnage different from Venom?

The key difference between Venom and Carnage comes with their human host. Venom bonds with Eddie Brock, a reporter rival of Peter Parker who occasionally exists outside of the law and is a moderate bad guy. Carnage, however, bonds with Cletus Kasady, who just so happens to be a serial killer.

Just How evil is Carnage?

Pretty evil. Kasady was a psychopath and homicidal sadist long before he bonded with Carnage. As a child, he pushed his grandmother down the stairs, killing her. He tried to kill his mother too. Later, he murdered the administrator of the orphanage he was moved to. As an adult he ended up killing 11 people and was sent to Ryker’s Island as a result.

When did Kasady bond with Carnage?

After heading to prison on Ryker’s Island, Kasady finds himself in a cell alongside Brock, minus the Venom Symbiote. Venom soon returned though, re-bonding with Brock before making their escape.

What Brock didn’t realise was that Venom left behind a symbiote offspring in his old cell, which soon combined with Casady to become Carnage. He eventually escaped and embarked on a string of murders, with Venom and Spider-Man forced to team up and defeat Carnage.

What powers does Carnage have?

Like how Venom absorbed Spider-Man’s powers, Carnage takes all the best bits of both Spider and Venom and cranks them up to 11. He’s twice as strong as both, can shoot webbing from any part of his body and can shape-shift. Carnage can also regenerate damaged body tissues faster than any ordinary human – including decapitation. He can also launch parts of his body at enemies in the shape of weapons like knives and spears.

Some versions have also seen Carnage possess vampiric qualities, draining blood or lifeforce from foes as a way of staying on his feet.

What’s Carnage’s biggest weakness?

Much like Venom, Carnage is vulnerable to sound, though not quite as sensitive as his symbioate rival. His main weakness is heat and fire.

Who will play Carnage?

Michael Mando In Better Call Saul Image AMC

No one has been mentioned in official terms yet, though the part may have already been cast. Michael Mando, an actor known for his roles in Orphan Black and Better Call Saul, was linked to the part after being cast in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Mando has been cast in an unspecified role in the new Spider-Man movie but the Better Call Saul Twitter account strongly hinted Mando would be playing the part of Kasady.

“Michael Mando is spectacular at bringing carnage to life in Better Call Saul,” the tweet read.

Though unconfirmed, fans could be face to face with Carnage sooner than they think. It may be simple enough: we meet Kasady the sadistic killer and he ends up in prison where he’s later found by Hardy’s Brook. Then again, he may have yet to be cast with Jackie Earle Haley an early front-runner.

Venom is due to arrive on October 5 2018.

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