Which Women’s Body Part Do Men Find The Sexiest?

The boobs or bum debate is finally answered.

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Boobs or bum? It’s an age-old question that’s divided men and women for centuries.

As soon as early man developed the power of speech in fact, they were arguing over the respective merits of chest or booty, and that debate continues to this day.

Now, a group of experts at Filtrated.com have attempted to put the argument to bed forever by asking a load of men and women about their favourite female body parts.

Over 2,000 men and women took part in the study, which first attempted to find out men’s favourite body types.

48 percent of the straight men studied favoured curvier women, while 24.1% said they preferred “average” figures, and 22.4% said they liked “thin” women.

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But what about the preferred body part? Interestingly, men who went for curvy figures said chests were their favourite, while men who preferred thinner women said they were bum fans.

And what about women? When asked about their preferred male body shapes 41.7% of straight women said they preferred the dad bod over muscles, and the favourite body part across the board was big arms.

So, it turns out the perfect figure for men is muscly arms and a pot belly – maybe it’s time to ditch weights and order a takeaway?

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