Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hook Up With?

The *NSYNC star Spiced up his life back in the 1990s - but who was he with?

Justin Timberlake and the Spice Girls.

Justin Timberlake has left pop fans all over the world stunned after revealing he once slept with one of The Spice Girls – and loaded has a pretty good idea who it is.

JT revealed the truth during an appearance on The Ellen Show. Timberlake was there with his former NSYNC bandmates ahead of a reunion concert. As part of the appearance, Ellen had the guys play a game of Never Have I Ever.

Asked to respond to the statement “never have I ever slept with a Spice Girl”, Timberlake was the only one of the quintet to turn his paddle so it read “I have” prompting a pretty wild response from the audience.

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Timberlake could, of course, be pulling our collective legs – but the two groups definitely crossed paths. Back around 1996/97, *NSYNC and Spice Girls met each other at a German airport, with the boys offering to sing for the girls, who were among the biggest groups on the planet at the time.

“When we were in the Spice Girls, we were in Germany doing some roadshow,” Victoria revealed in an interview back in 2017 [via Metro].

“And we were sitting there, in an airport, five girls altogether, and then some guy comes up and he says: “Hey I’m in a band, I got my friends, can we come and sing for you?” ‘So we’re all sitting there, glasses on inside the airport like you do, five girls all sitting there: “Yeah, you can come and sing to us!” They stood there and they could sing. ‘And it was N*Sync and that was Justin Timberlake. But they shut us up ’cause they were good.'”

Timberlake would have been single at the time – he didn’t start dating Britney Spears until 1999 – and two leading candidates have emerged. Firstly, a picture of Timberlake looking pretty cosy alongside Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, suggests she could be a contender.

Alternatively it could be Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice. The pair were rumoured to have hooked up and were even snapped out and about together in 2003. Despite this, however, Bunton always insisted they were just friends.

One report claimed Bunton may have actually dumped Timberlake after he spilled the beans to the press, though Baby Spice never let that particular cat out of the bag.

“I don’t care if the papers say I’m still seeing Justin. I’m not,” she said at the time [via ContactMusic]. “A lady should never kiss and tell and neither should a gentleman. That’s all I have to say about him.”

Maybe it’s time to read between the lines, guys.

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