Which Judd Apatow / Richard Curtis Romantic Comedy Are You?

Ahead of the release of The Big Sick, it's time to see where your loyalties lie.

The Big Sick.
The Big Sick It's Apatow meets Curtis

The Big Sick, starring Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan is more than just your average romantic comedy – for starters, it’s very funny.

It’s also directly inspired by the work of the UK’s very own Richard Curtis with Silicon Valley star Nanjiani, who co-wrote it with his real-life wife Emily V. Gordon, citing Four Weddings and A Funeral as a his favourite film.

At the same time, the movie itself has been produced by US big screen comedy maestro Judd Apatow, meaning it’s influenced by two absolute masters in the field of delivering rom-coms that are both heartfelt and sentimental but also full of genuine laughs.

But, when it really comes down to it, are you a Richard Curtis fan or would you rather go for something a little more Judd Apatow? Do you even know? Take on the personality quiz below and find out.

THE BIG SICK is released in UK cinemas on 28 JULY 2017 
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