Where You Live Says A LOT About Your Sex Life

Bad luck if you're from Bristol...

Sex In the bedroom

Details about the sex lives of UK citizens have been revealed, and it turns out that where you live has a HUGE impact on your sexual tendencies.

Lifestyle website Make Your Switch conducted the study on over 1,200 Britons, and turned up some unexpected results.

Norwich has been revealed as the horniest place in the country, where 33% of the population admit that they’ve had between 10 and 19 sexual partners.

On the opposite end of the scale, people in Bristol have on average just five sexual partners, making it the least sexually active place in the country.

The study shows that a fifth of Northern Irish people have been involved in a threesome, while more surprisingly, it also shows that one in ten Welsh people admit they’ve had a foursome. 

Bizarrely, 10% of people from Cardiff also admitted to having sex on public transport.

Sex map of Britain
Sex map of Britain Image Make Your Switch

The study also highlighted some pretty weird tendencies too. For example – 6% of people from Leeds and Sheffield claim to have had sex in a cemetery, while 2% of people from Cardiff say they’ve had sex during a funeral.

Meanwhile, 56% of males in London claimed they would give up sex forever for £1m, showing that people in the capital are probably more motivated by money than anywhere else in the country.

The results might also prove where the best lovers in the UK live too: 10% of blokes from Manchester claim to last longer than an hour in the sheets.

So there you have it – we don’t know about you, but we’re thinking about moving to Norwich or Manchester after seeing this…

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