Where Are They Now? The Cast Of The Mighty Ducks

Some became huge stars, while others ended up in jail. Emilio Estevez did neither.

The Mighty Ducks.

The Mighty Ducks was so much more than just a kids movie.

It taught children valuable lessons about teamwork, the dangers of drink driving, facing your fears and, above all else, that ice hockey was cool…kind of.

Managed by Emilio Estevez’s Coach Bombay, they also brought us three great movies and inspired the creation of a real-life NHL team – the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

It’s 25 years since they first arrived on the scene, so loaded decided to talk a skate down memory lane and see what all the cast of the original film are up to.

That doesn’t include rival coach Jack Reilly though – mainly because the actor that played him, Lane Smith, passed away over a decade ago. Here’s what the Mighty Ducks are up to – click on the photos to see what they look like now!

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