Where are they now? 9 terrifying horror movie kids

Red rum! Red rum!

Linda Blair in The Exorcist
Scream queen Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Image Warner Bros Pictures/Getty

Nothing shits you up quite like a good horror movie.

Cinema has been delivering jump scares and chilling supernatural stories for decades, and when it comes to creating creepy characters – villains aside – nothing can be more unnerving than horror movies kids.

You know exactly who we mean: Damien from The Omen, those weird twins from The Shining and the girl from The Ring.

Not all of them are meant to send shivers down your spine, though. Some, like Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, are the heroes of the story. Still, when it comes to creepy goings-on they always seem to be at the heart of it. Here are nine big horror child stars from back in the day, and what they’re up to now…


Daveigh Chase in The Ring

Daveigh Chase The Ring


Daveigh Chase starred in Donnie Darko before nabbing the role of sinister Samara in The Ring. She still acting today, featuring in films such as American Romance, Wild in Blue and the pretty ropey Darko sequel titled S. Darko.

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