Watch: A Wheel Of Fortune Contestant F*cked Up In The Best Way

He might need to brush up on his movie knowledge...

Fill in the blank.... Image CBS

A contestant on an iconic game show just messed up in the funniest way.

Wheel of Fortune is a program that always delivers in the comedy department, usually unintentionally.

Recently they more than lived up to their reputation when a participant mixed up the title from a very famous film and Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tennessee Williams. 

Contestant Kevin had one word left in the phrase “A Street Car Na_ed Desire.” Instead of buying an M, he bizarrely went with a K, and it produced this hilarious mistake.



As usual, the faux pas went viral on social media, and Twitter took no prisoners for Kevin’s ‘Joey Tribiani” moment. Surely we all remember Joey’s ‘Count Rushmore’ line?


He’s not the first Wheel of Fortune guest to fuck up; one person struggled to fill in the blank for the “What Are You Doing Category?” The phrase was “Booking My Shore Excursion.” The contestant’s response? Boozing My Shore Excursion. We like hers better.


Host Pat Sajak, who we’re sure has seen his fair share of funny answers, comforted the embarrassed Kevin. He told the winning contestant who rightly guessed “A Streetcar Named Desire, “although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”

Well, have to pass on that one Pat.

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