What’s The Queen’s Nose Star Victoria Shalet Been Up To?

What happened to Harmony Parker after leaving the classic 90s kid's show?

Victoria Shalet
Victoria Shalet The Queen's Nose

For most people that grew up in the 90s, The Queen’s Nose was a big part of their childhood.

The classic kid’s show was based around an enchanted 50p coin that granted wishes, and it was obviously amazing. Right at the heart of the show was protagonist Harmony Parker, who was played by actress Victoria Shalet.

Harmony played tomboy Victoria for the first four of the series, who got up to all kinds of adventures.

There were loads of brilliant moments on the show, but one time in particular sticks in our memories: Amazingly, Victoria’s character used her last wish to summon Spurs defender Gary Mabbutt for her football mad best friend. 

It was a great show. In fact, do yourselves a favour – listen to the opening sequence below and get ready to feel nostalgic.

Anyway, the other day, loaded was thinking about our favourite shows as a kid, and we wondered – what’s she been up to recently?

Well, Victoria played Harmony for the first four series of the show between 1995 and 2001, before leaving the show at the age of 19.

After that, Victoria popped up in Jonathan Creek, Midsummer murders and critically acclaimed drama Getting Hurt. She also starred in a handful of fringe theatre productions, before landing a role as PC Vickie Hilton in BBC daytime soap Doctors.

However, her role in Doctors was her last screen performance, after she decided to make a major career change and become a therapist. The 35-year-old is now a successful Humanistic Psychotherapist and Counsellor working in London.

“From the age of six I was acting, but I got to my early twenties and realized my heart just wasn’t in it,” she writes on her website.

Despite leaving the acting world behind her, she has showbiz connections. Victoria got married in 2015 to actor Adam James, who has starred in the likes of Doctor Foster and the Extras Christmas special.

The Queen's Nose star Victoria Shalet
Victoria Shalet The Queen's Nose star

The Queen’s Nose will always be one our our favourite kids shows, but we’re glad to see Victoria doing things her own way in 2017.

Victoria isn’t the only star of British children’s TV to change careers either. The Demon Headmister star Dinah Hunter also left acting behind to take up a career in dentistry.

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