What Stunning ‘Twin Peaks’ Icon Mädchen Amick Has Been Up To Since The Show

The actress is as breathtaking as ever

The glorious Madchen Image Twin Peaks/ CBS Television

David Lynch’s eerie and surreal episodic narrative, Twin Peaks was a defining moment in nineties television; it also gave a host of unknown actors a platform from which to jump into stardom.

One of those fresh faces was the stunning Mädchen Amick, who played the waitress and drug dealer Leo Johnson’s wife Shelly on the hit show. Safe to say she was in good company, her costars included icons like Sherilyn Fenn and Lara Flynn Boyle, who all contributed to a certain sultry Rolling Stone cover back in the day.

Mädchen has done a lot since then, most notably she’s returning to her role as Shelly in the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime, coming in May this year. However, arguably the best part of this resurgence is the fact that it’s originator – David Lynch is directing all 18 episodes. The excitement is palpable.


Party shoes & a tux… I'm ready for the new year! Watch out 2017… I'm comin' for ya!!!

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She’s also starring in a new show called Riverdale, debuting on The CW this month. Its based on the characters from the well-known ‘Archie Comics,’ but with a Twin Peaks twist. Murder, intrigue and Jughead. Sounds like an epic hour of television to us.  


This woman is busy, but we can understand why – boy, has she still got it. Time has been more than fair to this stunning beauty with the unique moniker. It seems she only gets better as the decades whizz by and her Instagram is chock-full of evidence supporting these views. 

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We’re lucky that this talented actress is still killing it and it seems like 2017 is her year to shine even brighter. Mädchen, we’re in love.

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