What’s American Pie Star Mena Suvari Been Up To?

The 90s icon is still as stunning as ever at 38.

Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari What's the American Pie star up? Image Getty Images

1999 was a huge year for actress Mena Suvari, thanks to performances alongside Kevin Spacey in the Oscar-winning American Beauty, as well as high-school comedy American Pie.

Suvari made a huge name for herself with the two roles, and won the hearts of teenage film fans everywhere with her seductive performance in American Beauty, but to this day her first major movie appearances remains her most well-known.

Despite roles in other movie projects, the 38-year-old is still most associated with her performances as the innocent choir girl Heather and the alluring cheerleader Angela Hayes – but what’s she been up to more recently?

First up, after the success of the 1999 films, Mena Suvari tried to capitalise on her new found fame by signing up to star alongside American Pie’s Jason Biggs in the romantic comedy Loser in 2000.

It didn’t get the best reviews from critics, but she also appeared in the well-reviewed satire American Virgin the same year – what is it with her and films beginning with ‘American?’

Since then though, Mena hasn’t managed the nail down the really successful career we all thought she would have.

The 00s were notable for her roles in Six Feet Under, as well as the lead part in a straight-to-DVD remake of zombie classic Day Of The Dead in 2008.

Her other films from the time – which also included Factory Girl, Stuck and painful Rob Schneider comedy You May Not Kiss The Bride – may have split opinion, but you know what they say: the American Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since the end of the decade though, things have been more positive for Mena. She gained recognition after being cast in the first season of the hugely popular American Horror Story in 2010, where she played Elizabeth Short; the victim of the notorious “Black Dahlia” murder.

Mena Suvari


 The 90s icon is now 38, and she looks just as stunning in 2017 as she did in 1999. 

According to her IMDB, Mena is currently filming the TV series American Women – ANOTHER ‘American’ project – as well as lending her voice to the animated show Justice League Action.

There’s clearly a lot more to come from Mena, who has so much still to offer the movie industry.

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