What happened to the “lesbians” from American Pie 2?

Loaded investigates the whereabouts of two of cinema’s most iconic lady lovers.

Lisa Arturo and Denise Faye and Amber and Danielle in American Pie 2.
Amber and Danielle Lisa Arturo and Denise Faye. Image Universal

In the discussion of great cinematic sequels, American Pie 2 rarely gets a mention.

Critically panned upon its arrival in the summer of 2001, the film currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 52%, though it’s boosted by an audience score of 68%. It may have lacked the freshness and heart of the original but, to all intents and purposes, American Pie 2 did deliver on one count: laughs.

The film certainly provided plenty in the way of crude and rude comedic set pieces, whether it was Stifler receiving a mouth full of urine or Jim’s unfortunate episode involving a porn tape and some super glue.

Yet for many adolescent boys out there, one of the undoubted highlights came when the boys who, while working as painters during their summer vacation (don’t ask, it doesn’t matter), decide to spy on two women they are convinced might be lesbians – because in the early 2000s that scenario wasn’t creepy or a criminal offence.

What follows is the ultimate hand-off for all concerned, with Jim and Stifler forced to make-out before the pair, named Amber and Danielle, put on their very own show for the guys.

An all-too-brief appearance, the pair later reappear at the annual end-of-movie American Pie movie party, where Stifler seemingly succeeds in sleeping with both of them.

So what became of Amber and Danielle (left to right in the clip), ably played by Lisa Arturo and Denise Faye respectively, following their fleeting American Pie 2 appearance? Well, more than you might have thought.

Arturo (Amber) has worked steadily since then with guest roles in everything from CSI to Nip/Tuck to the most recent revamp of Beverley Hills 90210 and even David Boreanaz’s procedural Bones.

Lisa Arturo of American Pie 2 fame.
Lisa Arturo to the rescue American Pie 2's ultimate lesbian is a real-life heroine. Image Lisa Arturo Twitter

Yet it’s her work away from the camera that has proved most interesting with Arturo an animal welfare advocate who spends a considerable amount of time caring and rehousing pets.

Working for Los Angeles-based animal rescue organisation Hope For Paws, Arturo has channelled her star quality and affection for pets into something pretty impressive.

Her old American Pie 2 buddy, Faye (Danielle), meanwhile has returned to the Broadway roots that first gave her a big break in Hollywood and works primarily as a dance director and choreographer on a range of shows and major film productions including Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Nine among others.

Denise Faye of American Pie 2 fame.
Denise Faye The other half of American Pie 2's awesome twosome. Image Getty

The choreographer behind Jennifer Aniston’s incredible striptease (see below) in recent comedy film outing We Are the Millers, Faye is currently working on the dancing for Cher’s Dressed to Kill Tour and another broadway musical, Magic Horn.

UK fans have already been treated to a same of her choreography work too – she was the director and choreographer for the final of the X Factor back in 2010.

From sharing on screen kisses to rescuing dogs and working on the X Factor – it’s fair to say that Amber and Danielle have come a long way.

They must really hate their American Pie 2 moment.

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