Whatever happened to Rebecca De Mornay?

Loaded investigates the whereabouts of the Risky Business star.

Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business
Whatever happened to Lana? Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business. Image Warner Bros

When Jack Reacher: Never Go Back arrives in cinemas this October, it will most likely prove to be the latest successful chapter in Tom Cruise’s glittering film career.

Seemingly immune to the negative press surrounding his involvement in Scientology, Cruise’s first outing as Jack Reacher surpassed $218 million at the box office to continue a remarkable run of success that dates all the way back to 1983.

It was then that Cruise first caught the eye of film fans everywhere in Risky Business, the story of an ordinary high school student who, while his parents are away on a trip, meets and falls in love with a prostitute.

Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business.

Coming from a time when the subject of solicitation seemed popular in Hollywood – Ron Howard’s Night Shift and Pretty Woman dealt with similar topics – Risky Business may still be remembered for that iconic dance from Cruise but it was his co-star, Rebecca De Mornay that was the big draw for many.

Playing the part of call girl Lana, the part helped De Mornay become a bonafide star in her own right starring in films like Runaway Train, Backdraft and, most memorably, The Hand That Rocs the cradle.

However, from 1993’s The Three Musketeers on, De Mornay’s output significantly reduced, for unknown reasons.

In truth though, her star status had started to fade with Musketeers failing to replicate the success of Kevin Costner’s Prince of Thieves while Guilty as Sin and Never Talk To Strangers – steamy thrillers in the Basic Instinct mold – flopped.

Over the next decade De Mornay appeared in eight largely forgettable films with the occasional memorable cameo in Lords of Dogtown and Wedding Crashers.

Along the way she kept busy with theatre and TV work on ER and The Outer Limits reboot though the less said about her part in the lamentable remake of The Shining, the better.

There have been attempts to recapture the magic: she was the central figure in a 2010 remake of memorable video nasty Mother’s Day while three years previous she was part of the cast for John from Cincinnati – the only HBO drama series to end after just a single season.

But there have been issues away from the camera too.

In 2008, De Mornay was hit with three years’ probation as part of a misdemeanor drunken driving charge in Beverley Hills.

De Mornay split from partner Patrick O’Neal back in 2003, while the couple’s daughters, Veronica and Sophia, are now teenagers and most likely keep her busy enough though there have been signs of a comeback.

Rebecca de Mornay in American Reunion.

Cast in the all-too-brief role of Finch’s Mom in American Pie sequel American Reunion, the boom in TV box sets has seen De Morney in demand with parts in Jessica Jones and Lucifer to her name already.

Whether it translates into more big screen success, however, remains to be seen – De Mornay’s most recent film I Am Wrath alongside John Travolta went straight to video and currently carries a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 13% based on eight reviews.

Don’t write De Mornay off just yet though.

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