What Ever happened to David Beckham’s old flame Rebecca Loos?

She's gone from wanking off pigs to something altogether different.

Rebecca Loos poses for a picture.
Looky Loos Remember Rebecca? Image Getty

David Beckham’s five-year spell with Real Madrid was memorable for many reasons.

That blonde top-knot – a precursor to the man-buns of today – a Madrid team of Galacticos and a La Liga crown won in arguably the most exciting Spanish title race in recent times.

Yet if there is one thing that occasionally gets overlooked from Beckham’s time over in Europe it’s his alleged dalliance with one Rebecca Loos.

A former investment banker and second cousin of Piers Morgan, Loos was Beckham’s personal assistant in Madrid after the Manchester United man moved to the Bernabeu.

Rebecca Loos in an England bikini.
Loos loves England. Rebecca shows her support. Image Getty

But everything changed in the wake of a News of the World expose claiming Beckham and Loos had engaged in a four-month affair.

“That is the wonderful thing about life, you never know where tomorrow will take you”

The pair were reported to have had sex on several occasions, while also exchanging racy texts.

Keen to avoid the tag of homewrecker, she ultimately came clean, while Victoria rushed to David’s side as the pair sought to save their marriage.

Overnight though, Loos became a celebrity in her own right with lad mag photo shoots and reality television appearances aplenty coming her way.

Arguably the most notable of the latter came in 2004, when Loos made headline news as one of the contestants on Celebrity Farm.

It was here that she was forced to masturbate a boar to collect its semen in a segment that drew widespread complaints.

There were other highlights too. During a stint on Celebrity Love Island – back when they were still allowed to put Celebrity in the title – she famously got up close and personal with Calum Best.

And let’s not forget her stint on the short-lived The X Factor: Battle of the Stars as one half of an adulterous singing double act alongside James Hewitt.

Check out this particularly awful rendition of Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ.

It’s far to say she was not popular with either the judges or the audience.

Anyway, despite a string of celebrity television appearances doing everything from playing football to performing circus tricks, Loos ditched the celeb lifestyle in 2009 for something very different.

Now a married mother of two living in a remote area of Norway, Loos fully admits her life now is a world away from those post-Beckham celeb-fuelled fun-times.

“If anyone had approached me 7 years ago in London and told me that one day I would be living in a small town in the Norwegian mountains, married and a mother to two boys I would have laughed,” she writes on her personal blog.

As of March 2013, she was reportedly working for a commercial production company called Rollo Tomasi, having left Love Island, The farm and all of that folly far behind her.

“Here I am, far away from London and Madrid, far away from the glamour, glitz and cameras that were once my life,” she adds.

A Playboy cover star who posed for many of the lads mags of the time, Loos looks exactly the same as she did back then, though she is perhaps a little wiser now.

Rebecca Loos on Twitter

“That is the wonderful thing about life, you never know where tomorrow will take you.”

Here’s hoping the next step is a little closer to home.

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