What To Expect From The Second Series Of Naked Attraction

Channel 4’s controversial dating show is set for a return in 2017.

The set for Naked Attraction.
Behind the scenes with the Beef sandwich lady What really goes on. Image Channel 4

Naked Attraction, the controversial dating show that asked contestants to judge potential dates on their bodies, is set to return for a second series.

The show, which saw one singleton whittle down a parade of six completely naked would-be dates based on how they look in the buff before stripping off themselves for an awkward face-to-face encounter, proved a surprise hit earlier this year.

Much of this had to do with the bizarre setup, gratuitous nudity and all-round hilarity of events on screen, which also seemed to capture the attentions and imaginations of fans on Twitter.

Having attracted an audience of around two million people in a late night slot, Channel 4 and Anna Richardson will be looking to up their game this time round – so how can they up the ante this time? Tracy Kiss certainly has a few ideas.

Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction.
Tracy Kiss on Naked Attraction Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

A contestant on the previous series of the show, Kiss can think of a few ways to improve Naked Attraction, starting with the blokes.

“The new series could definitely benefit from an erection round for the men because as so many contestants protested last time round ‘you’re either a shower or a grower,’” Kiss told loaded.

“It would also be cool to show a party trick for each contestant on the final round as a way to help the picker to decide, whether that’s naked twerking or doing the worm!”

Kiss also reckons the show could benefit from having it’s very off-shoot show, in the spirit of The Xtra Factor The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

“It’d also be pretty cool to have a sister show or follow up on what happened later on from the date as I have a feeling the excitement doesn’t end there between contestants!”

Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction.
Image Channel 4

The model, blogger and fitness enthusiast would also be open to the idea of a celebrity edition – though something tells us Channel 4 would struggle to find many volunteers.

“Can you imagine what they’ll look like without their team of stylists and special camera angles!” Kiss enthused.

“Not only would I find it fascinating checking out their packages and pouts but it’d go some way to showing that celebrities are human too.”

Get the show to a third series and who knows? Stranger things have certainly happened – as Keith Chegwin would no doubt attest!

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