What Fans Can Expect From Bosch’s “Big” Third Season And Beyond

DaJuan Johnson, who plays Detective Rondell Pierce on the show, spoke to loaded

Season two of Bosch.
Bosch The action from season 2 Image Amazon Prime

There’s something about DaJuan Johnson that makes him a popular choice when it comes to casting cop roles.

Whether it’s Agent Carter or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, casting directors see something in him.

“I’d like to think they see a sexy cop but it’s more likely something else,” he jokes with loaded.

He’s currently walking the beat on Bosch, Amazon’s slick and sexy adaptation of the Michael Connelly crime novels, starring Titus Welliver.

It’s a show he’s been part of since it’s debut back in 2014, with season three seeing his character Rondell Pierce earning something of a promotion in terms of screen time and rank.

DuJuan Johnson is one of the stars of Bosch

“My character has been promoted from officer to detective, so you’ll see me a lot more this time round, working alongside Bosch and Detective Robertson (Jamie Hector) as the rookie detective,” Johnson explains.

“This season focuses on a case involving the murder of a Hollywood director, a big high profile guy. But there are a couple of other cases going on at the same time. It’s action packed.”

Johnson is keen not to give away too many details on what to expect, though he did urge fans to expect a few major surprises along the way.

Bosch is back Titus Welliver returns to the Amazon series Image Amazon

“Every season when I read the scripts I think ‘wow this is a big one’ but this one was even bigger. There was a big wow moment that made me stop for a moment. I almost wasn’t sure it was happening. Like ‘What?’”

With The Wire’s Eric Overmyer operating as show-runner, there’s also a level of authenticity running throughout almost every aspect of Bosch – including Johnson’s preparation.

“I got to spend time with real detectives to find out what it’s like to be in the bullpen, what the culture of the workplace is like.,” he revealed. “You want it to be real but fun.”

Then there’s Welliver, who, as Johnson goes to great lengths to highlight, is more than you’re average co-star.

“I’ve been working with him from the very beginning. You couldn’t ask for a better co-star and mentor.”

Not that Johnson thinks his place in the show is set in stone by any means – especially given what past season’s have taught us.

“In season two, my old partner got killed off so when I got promoted I did think “uh oh” after what happened to him. I was nervous reading every script.”

That said, Johnson thinks Bosch could run for plenty more series to come – even refusing to rule out the idea of it getting to double figures.

“It has the potential to,” he told loaded.

“While we were shooting season three, they were already talking about season four. Michael Connelly has a vision for this and Eric Overmyer could definitely see this going on and on.”

Bosch Season 3 is available to stream on Amazon now.

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