What The Fuck Is That Purple Dove That Has Invaded Our Facebook Timelines

We need to do something about this.

Devil's spawn Image Facebook

For normal people who appreciate health, doves are just disgusting flying rats that carry who knows how many diseases. But now they have become a Facebook sticker, and chances are you’ve seen it already, and are already sick of it.

Trash Doves, the new Facebook sticker set, is a collection of ugly doves (let’s not forget we hate them) that has already gone viral in Thailand.

The origin of this lovely tale is a Facebook video in which we can see a cat cartoon dancing with the Trash Dove. And so the stickers were born.

แมวเด้ง + นกเด้า fusion

Posted by สัตว์โลกอมตีน on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

But damn it, the stupid dove is everywhere. Check out the comments on any Facebook page of a news website and they are there. They are being invaded! There’s even a New York Times article where someone posted the stupid sticker 92 times! Why?

But the Trash Doves don’t only bang their heads like morons. No, they also eat pizza (which someone probably threw at them to try to kill them), or check their phone, or eat bread, or chill out inside a cocktail glass… Adorable.

WHY Image Facebook

Let’s be honest, we will all end up downloading those stickers and using them everywhere instead of writing our actual thoughts. Because why would we communicate with actual sentences when we can share a GIF of a dove sipping some tea? That’s the dream.

And anyway, at least they are purple. That makes them cuter, right? Although come to think of it, maybe they are purple because of all the diseases they carry and it means they are about to die…

Yup, that's what doves do Image Facebook
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