What the cast and crew of The Blair Witch Project did next

The 1999 film made stars of its actors and directors – but what came after?

The Blair Witch Project 1999
Shocker 1999's original Blair Witch Project. Image Picture Artisan Entertainment

When The Blair Witch Project arrived in cinemas back in late July of 1999, few could have predicted the impact this independent horror film, made for around $60,000, would have.

Some 17 years on from the original’s release though and the Blair Witch legacy lives on with found footage horror films continuing to provide thrills and chills for audiences the world over.

And now with a sequel about to hit the cinemas, it’s high time someone revisited the original and asked: what the hell happened to the filmmakers, writers and actors behind one of the most talked about horror movies of the last 30 years. The answers may surprise you.

Daniel Myrick (co-director)

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, the directors of The Blair Witch Project.
Daniel Myrick (left) Image Artisan Entertainment

Having worked as a jobbing editor and cinematographer on various Florida based videos and commercials, Myrick got his big break when independent film guru John Pierson – the man who helped launch the careers of people like Spike Lee and Richard Linklater – noted his work on a promo for the 1997 Florida Film Festival.

This set the stage for him to begin working closely with co-director Eduardo Sanchez on the film that would go on to make movie history just a couple of years later.

Largely off the radar for the seven years that followed the release of the film – he had made more than enough money, in all fairness – Myrick returned in 2006 to co-found Raw Feed.


A direct to DVD division of Warner Home Video, the new project focused on horror films with Myrick eventually returning to the genre as a director with Believers, Solstice and The Objective, which were all made in the space of around two years.

Myrick now has another film in the works – Under The Bed – which has yet to receive a release date.


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