What Percentage Of Women Say They Want Sex On The First Date?

This might surprise you...

In the bedroom This could make you more attractive

We have some unexpected and shocking news to bring you – men think about sex a lot more than women…

Mind blowing stuff right?

Of course not – in fact, it probably won’t come as a huge surprise to hear that WAY more blokes say they want sex on the first date than women do.

It’s been revealed that men are FOUR times more likely to want to take things to the bedroom after meeting someone for the first time.

One in 4 men (28 per cent) admit they would sleep with someone after the first date, and just one in fourteen women (7%) said the same.


It might sound like a high percentage, but most people are a little more conservative when it comes to their love lives.

In fact, a YouGov Omnibus study of 39,000 Brits revealed that one in eight adults choose to follow the “three date rule” rather than jumping straight into bed with someone.

However, a huge 35% of men aged 35 to 44 are likely to want sex on the first date, while 31% of blokes between 25 and 34.

Meanwhile, the very worst thing men can do during sex has recently been revealed – if those guys do get lucky on the first date, they should avoid doing it at all costs…

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