What happens to the body after two days without a shower at a festival

Science proves cleanliness really is next to godliness.

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As anyone who sampled the delights of Glastonbury or any of the many assorted music festivals organised across the UK last summer know, at some point everyone faces a difficult choice: do you queue for hours in the hope of having a shower or push on through?

For most blokes, the latter choice usually wins though, with music fans preferring a rudimentary “wet-wipe wash” usually accompanied by a can of some semi-warm alcoholic swill.

What they probably didn’t realise is that, in dodging the shower, they are actually inviting some pretty disgusting bacteria to make hay on their bodies.

That’s according to TwentyTwoWords.com, who have detailed precisely what happens when the average person goes two days without a wash.

According to their research, there are roughly 1,000 different types of bacteria on the human body at any one time and a whopping 40 types of fungus.

While some of these take the form of good bacteria they still need assistance in fighting off the bad bacteria from things like soap, shampoo and show gel.

So, fail to show and you are inviting any number of bad bacteria to run wild – and that’s before we even factor in the sweating that is commonplace among festival-goers.

But it can get a whole lot worse from there – if you fail to deal with this bad bacteria, it can actually make its way to your mouth and other orifices, causing even more problems, and is known to cause skin irritation.

Then there is the smell.

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It’s something of a myth that sweat is what causes body odour; it’s actually the result of gasses given off by bacteria consuming any fatty acids or protein that has built up on the skin.

The advice for festival-goers is simple enough: if you can’t have a shower, make sure you treat key areas like the groin, face and armpits,as these are a hive for the breeding of bad bacteria.

For those of you at home simply too lazy to shower, meanwhile, the alternative advice is simple enough and probably doesn’t even need to be said: clean yourself.

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