What happened to Brendan Fraser? Here’s what he’s doing next

The man who fought The Mummy is making an unlikely career move.

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy
90s action hero Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. Image Picture Universal

Everyone remembers Brendan Fraser, right?

He was the swashbuckling star of The Mummy movies, Bedazzled and the occasional Oscar-winning drama like Crash or Gods & Monsters.

When Fraser was good he was very good; like a goofy, budget version of Harrison Ford or Chris Pratt before he became “Chris Pratt”. He was even touted as a potential Superman at one point – and probably would’ve brought a tad more charisma to the role than Henry Cavill’s ultra-grim Zack Snyder version.

For some reason Fraser dropped off Hollywood’s radar. He hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2013’s Gimme Shelter, and more recently took on a role in TV series Texas Rising.

“The more the script evolved, the more obvious it became Brendan was the best choice for the idiosyncratic role…”

Now Fraser is making a comeback with an unlikely career move: he’s going to star in a Bollywood movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fraser is signed up to play an American expat gun runner in The Field.

His character Charu, who was originally going to be played by Ray Liotta, is described as a man “whose illicit dealings with the Indian underworld wedges him in the middle of the family implosion”.

The Field will centre on an Indian mafia family at war following the death of their patriarch. Director Rohit Karn Batra said that screenplay rewrites meant ditching Liotta in favour of the more “idiosyncratic” Fraser.

“The more the script evolved, the more obvious it became Brendan was the best choice for the idiosyncratic role of Charu,” Batra explained. “For a director to explore this journey with him in a place like India is nothing less than a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Could we be looking at a Matthew McConaughey-style comeback for The Mummy hero? He’ll probably have to get regain his clapping capabilities first…

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