What Ever Happened To Sweet About Me star Gabriella Cilmi?

The singer had a huge hit back in 2007, and she's still only 25...

Gabriella Cilmi
Gabriella Cilmi What happened to the Sweet About Me star? Image Getty Images

Kylie, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance… Australia has brought the UK plenty of great pop exports over the years, but one of the biggest of the form of mid-00s pop sensation Gabriella Cilmi.

The singer announced herself on the world stage with her hit single Sweet About Me back in 2008, and the song, along with its striking music video, had a pretty profound effect on teenagers across the land.

The crazy thing is though, it’s been ten years after her breakthrough hit was released, and Gabriella is still only 25-years-old.

Hard to believe, but she was just 15 when the track reached number three in the UK charts.

Gabriella also made a memorable performance on Later… With Jools Holland in the same year and introduced her music to a brand new audience.

The talented singer also performed a cover of Connie Francis’s Christmas song Warm This Winter back in 2008, which has featured on Xmas playlists everywhere ever since.

Gabriella was compared to Amy Winehouse when she was first making a name herself, but despite finding success with her first album, her songs never went on to have the same popularity.

Despite stepping back from the limelight though, she was name-checked in Ed Sheeran’s 2011 track You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, ensuring her place in pop culture forever.

But what’s she been up to since then? Her second album Ten didn’t quite match the success of her debut, and she self-released her third record The Sting back in 2013.

Gabriella lives in London with her family these days. She’s always recording and performing around the capital, and keeps her fans updated on social media.

At just 25, Gabriella is still discovering herself as an artist, and there’s plenty of time for a return to pop mega stardom yet.

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