You Won’t Believe What Dinah Hunter From The Demon Headmaster Does Now

The original CBBC heroine has come a long way since her time at Hatch End High School.

The Demon Headmaster He sure looks like someone... Image BBC

Frances Amey may not be a household name but there was a time, as Dinah Hunter on the CBBC series The Demon Headmaster, when she was a heroine to children up and down the country.

Based on the Gillian Cross book series of the same name, the series chronicled the adventures of Dinah, a young girl joining a new school who discovers all of the pupils are under the spell of the evil headmaster, played by Jack Straw lookalike Terrence Hardiman.

For three series, Dinah battled the Demon Headmaster and his evil hypnotist powers, at one point even saving the entire country from destruction after the the Demon Headmaster attempted to take control of the Prime Minister’s brain (long story).

After the show finished in 1998, the London-born Amey all but disappeared into obscurity, with the budding star evidently keen to enjoy some sort of childhood before the crushing inevitability of life in the real world took hold.

Frances Amey As Dinah Hunter Image CBBC

That’s been pretty much all we’ve heard from Amey on the acting front since then, with her IMDB page pretty empty, save for an appearance in a short film called Tom back in 2013.

But anyone thinking Dinah Hunter has been sitting on her tod, waiting for a call from Dave Benson Phillips (what? He might phone!) would be mistaken.

Instead, Amey has embarked on a very different kind of career – as a dentist.

Frances Amey Today

According to the London Dental Care website, Amey has been a dentist since 2009, after graduating from Newcastle Dental School.

She gets a pretty good review on the website too where visitors are told “her engaging and friendly nature will make even the most nervous of patients feel at ease.” 

At least she’s not adopting the same intense approach as her old, entirely fictional, headmaster.

Oh and she’s not quite given up the acting bug yet either, with Amey still involved in a number of theatre productions and one film a couple of years back.

Work on Souljacker was completed back in 2015 with Amey playing DI Lisa Hudson in what sounds like a pretty central part.

Frances Amey showreel 2013 from contrazoom on Vimeo.

“As a serial killer terrorizes the city, a student and a police detective become entangled in the investigation,” the IMDB blurb reads.

It sounds like Fresh Meat meets Se7en, only starring a former child actress last seen wrestling with a strange, slender-looking man. Something tells us this won’t be making its way to Netflix any time soon.

Still, Amey should be applauded for carving out a pretty impressive and pretty lucrative career. Because whether we like it or not, there will always be a demand for dentists while the clamour for demon headmasters was always likely to have a limited shelf life.

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