What David Beckham’s McDonald’s Order Says About Him

We now know what Goldenballs likes from the Golden Arches – so what does it mean?

David Beckham paying tribute
David Beckham The Manchester United and Real Madrid legend. Image Getty Images

David Beckham has been officially outed as a McDonald’s lover – but what does Goldenballs’ choice of meal from the Golden Arches say about him?

Many of you will have seen the social media storm whipped up when Beckham was spotted in the car park of the Chippenham branch of McDonald’s in Wiltshire late last week.

It was a reminder that behind the designer beard and rugged good looks, Beckham is still one of us and is only too happy to chop down on a dirty burger or two from the McDonald’sdrive-thruu.

Arguably the biggest revelation from the story was Becks’ food of choice – something which, according to the internet, might say a whole lot about him.

Philip Moulton, who was working as shift manager at the Chippenham McDonald’s at the time and even served Beckham his food revealed the former England and Manchester United star ordered a “big mac meal with 2 cheeseburgers.”

All of which is very interesting. Apparently.

According to the many articles available on the topic of what your McDonald’s order says about you” the choice of Big Mac is quite revealing.

It suggests Beckham is a classy guy, who often plays it safe and sticks to what they know. Some say the choice of Big Mac is a little unimaginative but the general consensus is that it’s a classy choice for someone who is both consistent and trustworthy.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

The addition of two cheeseburgers adds another facet to the analysis though. General consensus online suggests the purchase of a cheeseburger or hamburger is something of a luxury snack or addition that says as much about your status as it does your waistline.

It’s a little more lavish than the addition of a couple of hamburgers and points to an individual who is used to the finer thing in life and may be a touch on the pampered side.

A reliable, if slightly dull, but entirely trustworthy guy who enjoys the finer things in life and may be a little on the lavish side? That’s not a million miles away from being correct.

Maybe what you order at McDonald’s does say something about you…

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