What Counts As Cheating According To Men And Women

It turns out the two sexes have very different views on the whole “cheating” thing.

Cheat The effect of infidelity

Men and women are very different beasts and nowhere is this more apparent than when analyzing what the two sexes reckon counts as cheating.

Because, if new research published in The Way We Are Now report by relationships charity Relate is to be believed, they have very, very contrasting ideas on the topic.

For example, one in five men do not view a passionate kiss with another person to count as cheating whereas around nine out of ten women do.

Worse still, nine out of ten women think exchanging sexually explicit messages is cheating while just eight out of ten men think the same.

Interestingly, around one in every ten blokes felt watching porn alone counted as cheating compared with double the proportion of women.

The figures, which were based on a survey of 5,071 people, also found that just a third of respondents felt their relationship could survive an affair with being unfaithful ranked as the biggest strain on any partnering.

Are you likely to cheat? The sign people are unfaithful

These figures only serve to highlight the astonishing gulf in attitudes towards extra-marital endeavours among men and women.

It follows on from similar research on the topic of infidelity that showed men who play rugby were around 21 per cent more likely to cheat on their partners that participants in any other sport.

Maybe just stick to golf for the sake of your partner?

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