What caused Diego Maradona’s spat with Juan Sebastian Veron?

World Cup winner clashed during a charity game. Diego must be a Manchester United fan.

Juan Sebastian Veron and Diego Maradona playing in a charity game.
Juan Sebastian Veron and Diego Maradona. Playing in a charity game. Image Getty

Charity football matches are supposed to be fun affairs, giving veteran stars the chance to turn back the clock and relive former glories.

Unfortunately, everyone forgot to explain that to Argentine icon Diego Maradona ahead of Pope Francis’ Match of Peace and Solidarity in Rome.

A star-studded affair featuring current and former stars from the beautiful game, the event was unfortunately marred by the behaviour of Maradona, who somehow managed to get himself embroiled in an ugly spat with Juan Sebastian Veron.

Now, last time loaded checked, El Diego was not a Manchester United fan, making his gripe with Veron, whom he managed during his time as Argentina manager, all the more bizarre.

But clash they most definitely did with Maradona branding Veron a “son of a bitch” according to Calciomercato. Classy.

The Mirror has indicated that the tete-a-tete may have been the result of Veron’s actions on the pitch with the 41-year-old guilty of tripping Maradona in what was supposed to be a good natured contest.

There is also some previous “beef” between the pair, which dates back to Veron’s decision to take up an executive role with former club Estudiantes – a major rival of Maradona’s beloved Boca Juniors.

“He acts the executive, he’s a traitor, I don’t want to see him,” El Diego declared at the time.

Veron was quick to counter, back then, telling reporters “what Maradona says isn’t very serious, and doesn’t interest m.” Burn.

Alternatively, it may also have been down to the fact that it was Veron’s team, rather than Diego’s, who were in the ascendancy, going on to win 4-3.

Though the World Cup winner took the trip in his stride at the time, he may have been left unhappy at being made to look foolish in front of his fans and fellow pros.

The pair have reportedly patched things up though, which is just as well – you don’t want Maradona as an enemy.

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