What adult entertainment’s top female stars look like on their days off

One Imgur user decided to chronicle porn’s biggest names on their days off.

Sasha Grey photoshoot
Sasha Grey The former porn star.

Though it can sometimes get lost in the heady mix of hormones and excitement that greets much of what forms adult entertainment these days, it’s important to remember that it takes real, totally normal, people to make porn.

Perhaps that is why the regrettably named Imgur user Rack83, decided to do exactly that with a collection of photos entitled “Everybody Has a Fun Normal Side.”

Featuring some familiar female faces from the past and present of porn, everybody from Sasha Grey to Mia Khalifa appears to the photo collection looking, well, pretty ordinary.

All of which is warmly welcomed by loaded, as part of a clear statement that those involved in the industry are not merely pieces of meat to be ogled at but real, living breathing folk like you and I.

So sit back, relax and get ready to see some of your favourite porn stars like never before – doing normal stuff.


Tori Black

Adult star Tori Black.


“After the Seahawks just lost the Super Bowl.”

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