West Ham fans already cashing in on Boleyn Ground memorabilia investment

Hammers fans were roundly mocked for some purchases but no one is laughing now.

West Ham United's old Boleyn Ground.
West Ham's old ground West Ham United F.C Image Getty

When West Ham entertain Bournemouth at their brand new home at the Olympic Stadium, the game could be tinged with sadness for some, but not all, of the Iron fans present.

But their sadness will not centre around the fact that they have now left their beloved Boleyn Ground, home to the Hammers for some 112 years.

Instead, this small section of fans will probably be feeling a little disappointed about the fact they failed to land any of the lots in the recent auction of Upton Park memorabilia.

A selection of memorabilia from West Ham
Here's what you could have won. If you had been bidding, that is. Image West Ham United

Not that there weren’t plenty of West Ham fans keen to get involved, as club Vice-Chairman Karren Brady revealed at the time.

“We’ve been inundated with requests from supporters asking how to get their hands on Boleyn Ground memorabilia,” she told BBC Sport.

With all of the proceeds going towards developing the club’s academy system further, it was a win-win for all involved, but that didn’t stop the mockery.

The Evening Standard was among those to poke fun at the auction and some of the more bizarre lots, which included shower fittings, a bath tub, bubble machine and even Sam Allardyce’s old fax machine.

“The FA Cup was the one game as a child that you would watch, because of all that tradition and history.”

Yet fast-forward a few months and all of those items – especially Big Sam’s old printer – are likely to have risen in value.

It’s all down to the dominant role English football memorabilia has in the soccer collectibles market which is, according to National Football Museum director Kevin Moore is because of “the history of the game” in this country and the role England played in developing the sport.

“When you talk to people from overseas they get that,” he explained to justcollecting.com.

“We had Peter Schmeichel here the other day and he said that the FA Cup was the one game as a child that you would watch, because of all that tradition and history.”

As such, anything from West Ham’s ground – a place once called home by England’s World Cup winning captain, the late, great Bobby Moore – was always likely to increase in value.

The value of these items shows no signs of abating either with one Hammers fan taking to classified ad site Loot to promote such an item.

West Ham sign from the Loot website.
Already increasing in price. Time to invest? Image Loot

A double sided metal seats sign from the Bobby Moore stand may not sound like much to the casual fan but, to the collector, it’s a priceless part of history and at £350 is only increasing in value since its initial sale.

And with fans increasingly rejecting the Americanised feel of the “English Premier League” the opportunity to hark back to a bygone era of the beautiful game might be too much to pass up. 

With more and more teams moving to modernised stadia, it could pay big time to keep an eye out for auctions like this. You have been warned.

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