Werner Herzog once got shot during an interview with Mark Kermode

“It was not a significant bullet.”

Werner Herzog Mark Kermode interview
Not a significant bullet Werner Herzog got shot during an interview with Mark Kermode. Image Picture BBC

Legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog is notable for dicing with death when it comes to making screen classics like Fitzcarraldo, Rescue Dawn and Grizzly Man.

Even when it comes to promoting his movies Herzog seems to be in mortal danger.

A decade ago during an interview for the BBC’s Culture Show, Herzog and film critic Mark Kermode found themselves in Los Angeles to talk up documentary Grizzly Man.

Things took an unexpected turn, though, when Herzog was shot mid-chat by a sniper wielding an air rifle. Panic naturally ensued, but the director manfully continued filming, later describing the projectile as “not a significant bullet”.

As Herzog celebrates his 74th birthday today (September 5), what better time than now to revisit this moment of madness captured by the BBC?

Watch Werner Herzog get shot on-camera during an interview with Mark Kermode (warning: contains graphic images of purple paisley boxer shorts):

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