Wentworth Miller Explains How He’s Still Alive On Prison Break

Michael Scofield died at the end of season four - so what gives?

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield.
Wentworth Miller As Michael Scofield Image Fox

Wentworth Miller has addressed the question that’s been bugging Prison Break fans since it was revealed that the series would be returning for a fifth season.

How can his character, Michael Scofield, possibly return for another series of the popular prison action drama series given that he died at the end of the last one?

As anyone who stuck around for season four of the show will know, Michael met his maker after seemingly sacrificing himself so his long-time love Sara could escape.

It was then revealed that his sacrifice had come after discovering he had a brain tumour and did not have much longer to live.

Or at least that was what we thought.

Speaking to Variety, Miller offered up a cryptic explanation as to how Scofield could possibly have lived on – namely, that he may not be the Michael fans know of.

“The Michael we knew died. The man we meet now is someone different. Michael’s always existed in the gray scale. There are lines he inches up to and crosses,” he said.

Paul Scheuring, the show’s creator who is also returning, added that much of the plot will focus on the mystery surrounding Scofield’s seemingly impossible survival and that the character will also feature a brand new set of tattoos.

“I want Michael Scofield to feel like a mystery again, like he did in Season 1,” he said.

Miller did appear to shut down the idea of the revival series prompting even more Pirson Break to come. Well, almost.

“These episodes feel like a satisfying way to fade to black. If they came up with something that stood up to what came before, I’d consider doing more.”

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