Video nasty! World’s weirdest VHS collection up for sale on eBay

In scenes reminiscent of a horror film, the world’s worst kept VHS collection is up for auction

Video tapes.
VHS hell Have you ever seen an eBay listing quite like this? Image eBay

To the majority of film-lovers VHS tapes went the way of the Dodo the minute DVD arrived on the scene with its superior picture quality, clear sound and the fact you didn’t have to rewind the ruddy things.

Everyone, that is, other than Quentin Tarantino (he likes the nostalgic element), Prince Charles (he likes how VHS tapes stay in the same place when you pause them) and one rather ambitious and possibly disturbed eBay user.

The online auction enthusiast in question is looking to offload a fair few video tapes, as it happens and he wants one lucky “winner” to buy the whole lot.

More video tapes.
Through the tape-hole Who would live in a house like this? Image eBay

Closely resembling something akin to a deleted scene from Blair Witch Project, the pictures uploaded alongside the online lot suggests the tapes have not exactly been kept in what you would call pristine condition.

More importantly these cassettes aren’t exactly what we would describe as sold for retail, with the majority seemingly taped off the telly.

And anyone hoping to get a listing of what exactly is contained within the lot will be left sorely disappointed with the buyer simply noting that he has “loads of VHS MOVIE tapes all different movies as you can see from my photographs.” Yeah, thanks for that, buddy.

Having done a bit of independent research – ie squinting at the pictures for a good thirty minutes – we can at least confirm the presence of the 1976 comedy romp Silver Streak, starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, so at least there is that.

Silver Streak A trailer for the 1970s comedy.

“I would like a buyer to buy all,” the listing confidently declares before noting “£2 each I would accept as an[sic] wholesale clearance.”

Quite why anyone would pay £2 a tape is beyond us, especially for a load of record VHS that look like they have been stored – and we use that term loosely – in Freddy Krueger’s holiday cottage.

“This is the photos of my store room taken two weeks ago,” the listing proudly adds.

We can only guess what went on in that storeroom – a small tornado perhaps?

Even more video tapes.
This is chaos His or her mum can't be happy... Image eBay

Anyway, the videos are currently available at a buy it now price of £2 though we suspect that may be per tape.

Also and most likely incorrectly listed for click and collect from Argos, the listing has five people watching it.

Don’t wait too long guys or you might miss out on a bargain. Wait, no he year is not 1996, is it?

Take a look at the listing here.

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