Stop People Overhearing Your Phone Calls With This Weird New Tech

Protect your conversations, but look like a shit version of Bane while doing it...

Totally mad... Image Hushme

Ever tire of loud talkers on the phone in a public place? Well, we’ve found a solution.

Hushme is a ‘personal acoustic device’ which blocks out speech and allows the wearer to chat to their heart’s content in a public place.

Not only does Hushme block the lower half of your face, but it also comes with ‘customised masking sounds’ just in case your voice escapes the contraption.

It can change your voice too – some of the options for sound are, Minion, R2D2, Darth Vader (come on) and bird. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows hands-free access as you move around a public space, scaring the shit out of passers by.


The best part of the Hushme is it’s appearance; the makers weren’t interested in being discreet with this one. In fact, while you might be preserving the privacy of your personal call, you’re going to look fucking ridiculous doing it.

On a more positive note though, with this contraption you can now talk about literally anything surrounded by people. The possibilities are endless – imagine talking to your mate about the person you’re on a date with while they’re standing right next to you…

Marketing wise however, the company seems to be targeting office workers looking not to disturb others while making numerous calls during the work day. Still, there are other ways to ensure privacy that doesn’t make you sound and look insane, right? 

No word yet on when this device will become available for purchasing, but keep an eye out for them in your office soon…

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