Is This The Weirdest Nicolas Cage Accessory Of All Time?

We love Nicolas Cage as much as anybody but this is just straight up insane.

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood in The TrustImage Picture Signature Entertainment

Nicolas Cage occupies a special place in the hearts of movie-goers far and wide but one accessory uncovered on Amazon could prove a step too far.

Let’s just start with a simple question: would you like to wake every morning to the sight of a bare-chested Cage, gazing intensely in your general direction?

Nicolas Cage

If the answer is yes, then we have good news for you, because one online retailer is cashing in on the Cage phenomenon with a custom Nicolas Cage pillowcase that will allow you to live out that very strange dream, every single day. 

Now, if the answer to the previous question was a resounding no, then we’ve got some more bad news for you.

Wow That's a lot of Cage Image Amazon

Because the bright sparks behind this piece of Cage wear hasn’t created just one pillowcase design but a whole range of them – and if you thought this bare-chested Cage number was a tad weird, just wait until you see what the other ones look like.

Let’s start with the strange rainbow effect Nicolas Cage pillowcase, featuring the man himself gazing, once again rather intensely, in your general direction.

Magic Cage With the magic...rage Image Amazon

You’d think things could get much weirder, but they can and they do.

Ditching any form of subtlety to create the kind of accessory usually found in the home of a mild mannered stalker or serial killer, the third and final Nicolas Cage pillowcase features Cage, looking a little older, alongside the words “See you in my dreams.”


Not if we see you first Oh Cage... Image Amazon

See you in our nightmares, more like. Right guys? Right gu…oh you want to know how much these all cost? Well, the first pillowcase is available from the US for over $5 excluding shipping with the middle one at around $7 and the final design a whopping $9.

But you won’t be buying any weird Cage merchandise, right? Oh boy…

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