Weed takes a step closer to being legalised in the UK

Cannabis lovers, it might be time to rejoice.

Girl smoking cannabis weedA girl in Mexico takes a puff. Image Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images

The quest to legalise cannabis in the UK might have reached a significant turning point.

Government body the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has released new findings stating that Cannabidiol (CBD) has a “restoring, correcting or modifying” effect on “physiological functions” when given to humans.

The report comes via The Independent following discussions between the MHRA and the CBD vaporiser firm MediPen around the lack of regulatory status for Cannabidiol.

A loophole in UK law could’ve reportedly seen sales surge for CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid which accounts for around 40% of marijuana plant’s extract.

A review of the regulations mean that CBD vendors will require a licence to sell their products or face fines or prison sentences.

“If you use CBD and if you have any questions, speak to your GP or other healthcare professional.”

“Since our inception we’ve worked hard to obtain our goal of breaking down the negative connotations surrounding Cannabis to lead to a reform in the law for medicinal use,” said Jordan Owen, managing director of MediPen.

“Now this is finally becoming a reality, which will provide ground-breaking results.”

A spokesperson for MHRA said of the findings: “If you use CBD and if you have any questions, speak to your GP or other healthcare professional.

“We have written to UK CBD stockists and manufacturers to inform them of our view. We can provide regulatory guidance to any company who may wish to apply for a licence.”

The full MHRA assessment said that CBD “will satisfy the second limb of the definition of ‘medicinal product'”.

Last year the Home Office dismissed a petition for legalising weed saying it “can unquestionably cause harm to individuals and society”.

Things might be about to change…

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