The Illicit Aphrodisiac Being Taken By Women In The USA

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Want to get high and horny? Then Sexxpot, a strain of weed geared specifically towards getting women hot and heavy before the deed is the thing for you.

Karyn Wagner, founder and director of California-based Paradigm Cannabis Group has rebranded the “Mr. Nice” strain of marijuana as a legit aphrodisiac for women only.

Back in 2015, Wagner explained to New York Magazine’s: The Cut how she discovered the unique benefits of this particular strain of weed one night before sex with her significant other.  


“After I smoked this one,” she remembers, “I said, You know, honey, that was perfect. Save it for next time.” Her partner dutifully labeled the bag “Sexpot.” And inspiration struck.”

Mr. Nice, the herbal foundation of Sexxpot has much less THC, the additive is known to affect female hormones which can then lower female libido, men however need the extra kick of THC to aid performance.

Wagner is marketing the product towards women, who notoriously have issues when it comes to sufficient arousal, biologically it takes about 20 minutes of foreplay for a female to “get there.” Sexxpot will help with that claims Wagner.

“The product will put you in a “sensual” headspace and affect the body’s sensations without getting the smoker too high to actually do the deed.” She told New York Magazine.

The pink packaging features a woman’s lipsticked mouth exhaling a spiral of smoke. The website tagline is also genius and female centric “get her the flowers she really wants.”

Well, based on the raving customer reviews: the stuff works. A writer for weed publication The Emerald Magazine was given a sample to try and reported the following:

I will say that after sharing a joint of Sexxpot with my partner, we did in fact tangle in a new and different, very satisfying way.”

Right now, Sexxpot is only available in California but there are plans to expand to legalized states like Colorado and Oregon. Here’s hoping they go global.

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