Did This Weatherman Deliberately Fart On Live TV?

Award-winning weather reporter Chris Dunn has got some explaining to do.

Jackie Chan looking very confused.
Confused? You should be.

An Alabama-based weatherman has become an overnight viral sensation after appearing to bend over and break wind during a live forecast.

WPMI weather reporter Chris Dunn was busy forecasting a “fairly quiet weekend” when he decided to seemingly liven things up with a fart.

The potential parp came as Dunn was halfway through reading out temperatures in the region, with the forecaster appearing to pause between saying the words “Pensacola” and “Destin” before bending slightly and apparently letting rip.

If Dunn did indeed fart, then he evidently didn’t count on eagle-eyed viewers at home being on hand to rewind and record the incident.

A Snapchat video of the alleged guff has since gone viral, attracting over 600,000 views and a further 1,100 comments on Reddit.

The offending video is below – hit play and judge it for yourself.



The fart has even sparked a fascinating debate among Reddit users over whether it was indeed a parp.

“That was a forced out fart,” Reddit user mechapoitier said. “That was no attempt to conceal. That guy aimed and fired.” Donk3ynut5 also pointed out that Dunn “even stopped speaking mid sentence to add the extra force”.

Others were unconvinced.

“100 per cent not a real fart,” Relatableretard9 wrote. “You’re 100 per cent sure?” EZ-Pizza replied. “Were you observing his butthole when this happened? Revealing the temperature in Destin explains that awkward lean he did, but it doesn’t explain the fart sound.

“It could’ve been his shoe, it could’ve been added in post … or it could’ve been an actual fart that slipped out when he did that lean. We’ll never know … at least not until we see more evidence.”

Do you think Dunn farted? It does happen.

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