These Manscaping Tips Could Dramatically Improve Your Daily Routine

This is how you shower and shave like a gent...

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This scene turnedmany a man off from manscaping... Image Universal Pictures

Manscaping is a term misunderstood by many people, and it’s a practice sometimes looked down upon as the unmanliest thing you can ever do.

In it’s simplest incarnation, manscaping – which basically the trimming or removal of hair from parts of your body – is a sure-fire way to look after your hygiene, and make sure you don’t stink to high heaven.

The ladies aren’t fond of a smelly chap, so why not consider a few manscaping tips we can offer from both our in-depth research and expert opinion courtesy of Male Grooming Expert Lee Kynaston from the website The Grooming Guru.

We asked Lee – why do the ladies love manscaping?

“There are lots of reasons. For starters, if a guy works out it shows off all his hard work – which is no bad thing – and a lot of guys say it makes them feel fresher and more confident too – things that are attractive to women.

“Regarding downstairs manscaping, I think women prefer men to keep a tidy trunkline simply because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Given that a full bush is a rare thing in pornography these days, trimming your pubes brings things in like with what’s the norm fashion-wise. And let’s not underestimate the appeal of the legendary extra ‘optical inch’ that trimming pubes is supposed to afford a man!”

Here are three things you can include in your getting ready routine to make sure you’re sparkling clean for the missus:


Get a good razor

This is key when it comes to shaving down there, and pair of electric clippers is usually preferred to your standard throwaway razor. The Philips Bodygroom series 1000 body groomer is a good option, and can provide the precision you need to get around those sensitive areas. Like your balls…



Get yourself some shave oil

Try Reiss Shave Oil. It’s Enriched with natural organic essential olive and jojoba seed oils.

shave oil


Buy exemplary soap

Men smell more than women – that’s just a fact – and a more powerful soap can be the ticket to making you’re smelling fresh. Give Baxter of California a try, it was recommended by If that’s too pricey, then try Musgo Real Orange Amber Body Soap.



Happy shaving! 

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