Watch: YouTuber Pulls Off Hilarious ‘Hot Girl’ Distraction Prank

These guys really didn't see this coming...

hot girl distraction prank
Hot girl distraction prank These guys really didn't it coming... Image YouTube/JoshPalerLin

We’ve all been in the situation where a stranger has asked us to look after their stuff, right?

Whether it be on the street, on the train, in a restaurant, or wherever, we’ve kept a faithful eye on other people’s belongings for a little while.

We’re all familiar with the situation, but how do you think you’d react if you were distracted for a second, and the stuff ended up being stolen?

That’s just what one YouTuber tested out with a brilliant prank video, which has recirculated online again recently.

After prankster Josh Paler Lin asked strangers to keep an eye on his belongings, his trusty sidekick Amanda Cerny ‘distracted’ them by dropping a load of papers in front of them.

Little did the guys know, that a third prankster was on hand to take the belongings at the opportune moment.

The victims get all panicked afterwards, and it’s a pretty harsh way to prank someone – but hey, it’s pretty damn funny.

First, Josh asks a guy to watch his phone, then he asks a guy to watch his laptop.

However, things come a head when he asks a guy to quickly watch his Lamborghini. After the guy gets distracted, one of Josh’s buddies comes and drives off.

The guy gets incredibly worried, but Josh soon reveals it was all a prank, and he breathes a sigh of relief.

It’s a brilliant prank, and a reminder to all of us – if someone asks you to watch their stuff, don’t get distracted. You never know what might happen… 

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