Watch: YouTube Prankster Exposes A ‘Gold Digger’ In Hilarious Video

Did she really deserve this?

Gold digger prank
Gold digger prank The hilarious YouTube video Image YouTube/VitalyzdTv

There are thousands of prank videos on YouTube, and some of them are funnier than others…

However, there is one type of video that will always be popular, and that’s the ‘gold digger’ prank.

The premise is simple – a guy asks a girl if they’d like to go out sometime, and then see how their reaction changes after they pull up in a ridiculously flashy sports car.

One of the original and best pranksters on the entire site is VitalyzdTv, and he knows better than almost anyone else how to pull off the perfect video.

In one of his most popular videos, which has recirculated online again recently, VitalyzdTv sits in the bonnet of a snazzy orange car waits patiently for a young lady to come along.

After asking for directions and explaining that he’s new to the area, he asks a young woman: “Do you have any plans tonight? Do you want to go for a ride?”

After spotting the car, the woman asks: “You want to go for a ride in this? Right now?”

She agrees, and is just about to get in when an old woman comes alongside and tells them to ‘get away’ from her car.

As it turns out, VitalyzdTv gets into less glamorous car just behind the sports car. Not impressed, the woman walks away.

“You not coming?” he asks, as the woman waves and disappears down the street. “What are you serious? Wow…” – gold digger exposed.

It’s a very simple prank, but sometimes, the simplest pranks are the best.

It’s a blueprint that other YouTuber pranksters like HoomanTV follow too. However, things backfired from him recently after being arrested during a recent prank.

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