Watch: World’s Fastest Bumper Car Reaches An Insane 107mph

Top Gear's The Stig just set a new world record in this bad boy.

Bumper car
Bumper car Where can we get one of these? Image YouTube/colinfurze

Bumper cars – they were always a bit of a disappointment, weren’t they?

You’d queue up for ages to get on them as a kid, but the seat belts were always ridiculously uncomfortable, and they were never fast enough to inflict big enough bumps anyway…

However, a brilliant inventor might have changed that forever, after unveiling the ‘fastest bumper car in the world’.

YouTube scientist Colin Furze has created an amazing video, which sees him demonstrate a ludicrously quick bumper car he created.

Colin took a clapped out bumper car, stuck in a 600cc engine and added a sweet spray job, and the final product is very impressive.

His creation, which was actually designed for The Stig of Top Gear fame, is seriously powerful, and Colin decided to test it out on the track.

Amazingly, The Stig racked up a record top speed of 107mph during the lap, which is pretty insane.

We really hope these get rolled out at fairgrounds across the country, but then again probably not…

All we want to know is, where can loaded get our hands on one of these?

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