Watch: Woman Reveals Shocking Vagina Secret On Live TV

NO ONE was expecting this...

no vagina
She had a pretty good alibi... Image YouTube/ Casa Cerrado

A woman made a shocking statement on the Spanish version of Judge Rinder after allegations of cheating were directed towards her.

‘I don’t understand why he’s omitted the main problem. I’m not like other women. I was born without a vagina’ she said to the ‘judge’ Ana Maria Polo on the show Casa Cerrado, which translates to ‘Case Closed.’

Her condition she claimed, is called Rokitansky syndrome – a congenital abnormality where there is an absence of a womb and cervix. Worse yet, the vagina is also almost nonexistent.


Her case was one of the worst. Tania’s husband Alejandro was seeking a divorce because he says he caught Tania and her mother ‘having sex with a dildo on the night of our honeymoon.’

According to Tania, this is impossible since she was asking her mother to help her dilate using a vaginal expander, which is a standard tool is cases like hers.

It resembles a dildo in appearance but is a hollow, smooth and cylinder shaped object without the usual bells and whistles.

vaginal expanders

She said that sex with her new husband was becoming too painful and she needed help. She went on to claim that before they got married she had surgery to remedy the problem but it didn’t work.

‘It was awful I couldn’t handle the pain. I started crying and totally freaked out. I felt mad at myself for failing as a woman. I wanted to satisfy him,’ said Tania.

Alejandro continued his tirade against his estranged wife, calling her a ‘lesbian, ‘pig’ and ‘shameless tramp.’

Despite the unique alibi, the judge still granted Alejandro his divorce even though Tania insisted that she still loved him. We think the judge probably allowed the split for her own good. 

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