Watch Will Self Take Down “Grubby Opportunist” Nigel Farage On Question Time

The outspoken writer didn't hold back on last night's show.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage The former UKIP leader Image BBC

As well as being one of Britain’s smartest and most acerbic writers, Will Self never shies away from the limelight on TV either.

He was always good value for a withering putdown as team captain on Vic and Bob’s Shooting Stars in the 00s, and he made his telly comeback on last night’s Question Time – which turned out to be a much more heated affair than many were expecting.

Self had lots to say about the current state of global politics on the show, and he also chipped in with a few strong words for self-acclaimed ‘Mr Brexit’ and fellow panelist Nigel Farage too.

Sat just feet away from the former UKIP leader, Self ripped into Farage, describing him and Donald Trump as ‘grubby opportunists’.

“Trump, Nigel [Farage]. This is not Churchill, Hitler and Stalin – thank God… Step back a minute, people. These are not great statesmen,” he said.

When host David Dimbleby asked him what they were, he replied: “They are grubby little opportunists riding the coattails of history.”

The audience applauded the comments, but even that couldn’t wipe the grin from Farage’s face, who seemed totally unaware that he’d just been insulted.

If we’d been put down like that we’d be looking for the nearest exit route (or should that be Brexit route?)

Question Time returns to BBC One in January.

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