Check Out What Happens When A Bullet Hits The Indestructible Prince Rupert’s Drop



YouTuber, SmarterEveryDay is exploring a topic most don’t know about. But one that has fascinated the science community for centuries.

The topic in question is the Prince Rupert’s Drop which is what happens when molten glass meets frigid water.

The result is a tadpole-like solid droplet, hardened glass on the outside, molten on the inside though the interesting thing about this object, according to IFL Science, is that when the glass inside the Prince Rupert’s Drop bulb cools it is virtually indestructible. The achilles heel? Its long tail which once under the slightest strain can break and shatter the whole drop in one explosive shebang.

The compressed energy in the bulb is what causes this reaction.

Since glass expands when it’s hot and contracts when it cools, as the inside part cools, it tries to pull the already solid, cool outer layer in with it. This makes the bulb even more solid and eventually bullet-proof, holding it all together in a state of tensile stress.” explains IFl Science.

SmarterEveryDay took it further and filmed a series of experiments where he shot a bullet through various Prince Rupert’s Drops, and recorded the result in slow motion. It is very cool. Watch below.


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