Watch: This Footage Of A UFO Filmed During Flight To Spain Is Baffling

You might want to keep an eye out next time you head off on holiday

An artist's impression of UFOs.Image Google

Picture the scene: You’re heading off for a well-earned rest in the sunny climes of Spain but spot an unidentified flying object during your flight out.

That’s pretty much the predicament one holidaymaker appears to have faced during what was supposed to be a standard flight in footage uploaded to YouTube.

Flying over the Spanish region, the film clearly shows a strange, disc-shaped flying object moving through the sky.

What is perhaps the most unnerving element of the footage, however, is the smooth way in which the ship seems to zoom through the sky – a movement that appears unnatural alongside our standard aircraft.

Visible for only a few seconds, the cameraman’s response of “What the fuck?” pretty much sums it all up. Before you know it, the craft is gone, leaving behind a whole host of questions.

Is this proof that UFOs exist or some sort of a top secret test using advanced flying technologies? Then again, it could just be an elaborate hoax.

There are some, meanwhile, who have suggested the craft is actually just a weather balloon filmed from an unusual angle.

Whatever the case, loaded is intrigued and it’s not the first time either.

There have been a raft of random UFO and alien sightings in the past few months from aliens spotted walking around a park in Chile to aerial photographs of a UFO secretly parked in a US military base – it’s just difficult to believe which are fact and which are fiction.

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